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American Diner

Diner location

Fashion photography on location can be a challenge in the middle of December when you have minimal daylight to work with and the elements are against you.

The location was an American Diner. This was part of a private house where the owner and his wife loved anything to do with the retro American diners, so they built a replica of one within the confines of their own house.

The details were amazing; floor tiles, jukebox, and other items that could not be sourced from the UK were all shipped in from America. Even some of the neon signs were individually commissioned. It just looked like the real thing but adapted within a semi-detached house in the suburbs of Manchester.

We arrived at around 7.30 on a cold and rainy December morning, it was still dark and looked like the weather was going to stay with us all day. Not the best for shooting sunny Americana type shots…

The brief was to get a selection of shots for a footwear client that captured the theme of the American diner.

To get a daylight feel we had to put a flash light outside directed through the windows to get that bright feel. We also needed a few moody shots that captured the neon signs inside the diner. Using one model we discussed the different parts of the diner we could utilise to get a series of fashion and still life shots that would complement the shoes and the brand.

The photo shoot went really well and according to plan, with a great mixture of full-length fashion shots and still life details shots of the shoes.

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