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Portrait of an Artist

A very talented Manchester based Artist, Graham Gardner, commissioned me to take his photographic portrait. I have collaborated with Gray on some of my own Art projects which incorporated different ideas captured as stills and moving images.

 Gray is a man of many talents aswell as being an accomplished Artist he also treads the boards as an Actor and works as a commercial model appearing on TV commercials and in many ad campaigns.

For this shot I was using a Nikon D800 35mm -70mm. 2.8 lens . The lighting I used was: one red head tungsten light.

For this shoot I wanted to capture Gray in his own environment, as a working Artist who lives and breathes for his art with a passion; so I approached this shoot using film lights rather than using flash photography.

 The concept was to show Gray in the middle of a chaotic working studio with all his Art surrounding him.  A living and breathing collection of his dreams, ideas, and visual stories painted onto canvas.

As you can see above, I started the session with Gray standing in the studio entrance with a light shinning through the doorway, which produced an aperture of light where he was stood.   I used a wide lens to show the doorway, which framed the picture and echoed the shape of the light that illuminates Gray. 

Graham spotlit, as though he was in an arena…

I wanted to spotlight Gray as though he was in an arena surrounded by his artworks.  I highlighted certain points of the scene such as the eye on the portrait in the foreground.  I really wanted to get a theatrical feel with this image showing the emotional journey an Artist has to travel to capture his is ideas on canvas. 

On this image my lighting set up consisted of  two red head tungsten lights and 1 Dedo tungsten light.

For this photo shoot I was using a Nikon D800 35mm -70mm 2.8 lens and for this particular shot my lighting set up consisted of  two red head tungsten lights and 1 Dedo tungsten light.

Gray took my direction like true pro and immersed himself into the story lines I suggested with passion and dedication.  From this intense collaboration I felt we created some really strong images.

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