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Tulchan Fashion

Tulchan Autumn/Winter video

The Brief 

We were asked by

a ladies fashion brand in the north of England. To produce their first video. They wanted us to produce a video that could continuously show the change of outfit’s for their autumn/winter ranges.

The Work

We devised a tri-screen template, that would allow not one but two selected A/W ranges to be shown on a model simultaneously. 

The production had to be choreographed to the exact detail in order to keep the sequences flowing.

The Results

The results proved to be excellent as Tulchan had never before been able to show the full A/W range from garment to garment, all the way through to the accessories and that enabled the full range to be shown on a single screen at the same time.

The video was used on their website,social media, as well as on their in store TV.  

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