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Gola Born in Britain Campaign

This was a video and stills project I shot and directed for Gola as part of their Born in Britain Campaign.

The brief was to film and take campaign stills of the front-lining musicians The Algiers, an up and coming band. We also had to get an interview with the guys off stage. It was a tall order to get it done in the time we had as the venue was open to the public during the day and at night it would be packed with people.

On the recci we came across a few challenges, including having no existing lighting on stage and having to work around the general public. There was also a general lack of space in the venue so we had to work very efficiently.

I decide to use three cameras on the shoot: Cam 1 getting all the main shots; cam 2 was roaming around the venues; Cam 3 was a DLSR shooting with the lens off the body to get a great optical effect.

We were told that the Stage lighting would be brought in on the night - it wasn’t. Good job I brought some with me. Working in these small venues you have to be prepared for all eventualities.

The night was a great success. We managed to get all the filming done and the off-stage interviews, also a great selection of campaign stills and editorial content.

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