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Gola Brand history

The Brief

We were asked by Gola to create a brand history to inform and explore their 100 year history from its conception to the present day…

The Gola brand video had to translate easily for the international markets.

Connecting to new audience’s around the world…

The Work

We calaborated with the Gola marketing team who wanted to inform and celebrate the 100 year history of their shoe’s and to capture its quintessential Britishness…

We decided to use old Pathe news footage to get the production moving within its historical timeline. Once we had established were Gola came from we were able to use more of the Gola advertising through 50’s 60’s 70’s up to the present day.

The Result

The Gola brand history helped establish the Britishness of the brand and its history in a fun and informative way. 

The video went live and the Gola brand has gone from

strength to strength...

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